Sunday, January 31, 2016

Jock monologue for male

This is a monologue from an early draft of an upcoming project written by Shiela Larson.  This could be for a short film or used as a stage monologue.

 "JOCK" by Shiela Larson

A lighter lights a cigarette.  A strong and exhausted man puts the cigarette in his mouth and inhales.  (Jock)  He begins to unwrap his hands, they are bloody.  Then exhales.

                    Being an underdog is never easy.
                    This ain't "Rocky", we don't get a
                    happy ending.

          Jock starts rinsing his face off.

                              JOCK (CONT.)
                    You keep waiting for that
                    opportunity, to show what you are
                    made of...

          He looks at himself in the mirror.

                              JOCK (CONT.)
                    Then time gets away from you.  And
                    you are older...     

          Jock packs up his stuff from his locker then gives a quick
          salute to his manager and steps out the door.

                              JOCK (CONT.)
                    I've done my share of contributing
                    to society.

          A man is holding up a woman, she gives him her purse.  Jock
          casually walks over to him and beats him down.  Then tosses
          back the woman's purse.

                              JOCK (CONT.)
                    I feel like I was meant to have a
                    greater calling.  I mean, sure, I
                    enjoy beating the crap out of

          Jock is walking through a shady alleyway.  Some homie starts
          swearing at him and flips him off.  Jock turns around and
          glares at him and the guy backs off.

                              JOCK (CONT.)
                    I just don't want to spend the rest
                    of my life fighting off these low

          Jock stands on the sidewalk waits for traffic and lights another cigarette.  Then notices a scuffle across the street, he sighs, tosses the cigarette and begins to sprint over to the scuffle.


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