Thursday, May 19, 2016

"Mother Earth" monologue for woman from a published play

"Mother Earth" from the published play 
(pages 3-4)

In the beginning, my children loved me. They truly did. They would laugh and play, calling for me to join them in their fun; never forgetting me, never forgetting I'm the one who gave them life. We were all so happy, so free. They only asked for what they needed when they were young, and I asked for little in return. Then, as they grew older, they changed. They no longer seemed happy with their lives and began searching for more, wanting something else that I could not offer them. Nothing seemed good enough anymore. No longer did they cry out to me as they used to, wanting me to play their simple, gentle games. Did I neglect them? Did I do something to make them turn away? One dark night, they lost their innocence. They followed a new path and they left the old ways behind. No longer could I hold them and whisper lovingly into their ears. Those days were lost, never to be found again. I became a burden to them. I tried to change. I tried to give them what they wanted, but I guess I didn't understand. They no longer wanted what I had to offer them. They wanted more. So, they came back and took from within me, hurting me deeply, never letting my wounds heal. They never saw my pain. They just kept taking and taking. I'm so weak, now… I have little more to give. But, still they hurt me. I cry out in great sorrow, but I'm not heard! I plead with my children...Please, stop all this pain! Don't you love your mother anymore? Do you want to see her die?! I gave you, my children, a tree, but you chopped it down. I gave you a river, but you defiled it. I gave you the sky, but you blackened it with smoke from your never ceasing fires. Will nothing make you love me, again? I have given you my world, but you continue to destroy it. Have you forgotten your Mother Earth?


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Art by Shiela Larson

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