Saturday, June 11, 2016

Snow White Rose Red Part 13 Fishing free stage play for children kids child actors

The Forgotten Grimm Brother Fairy Tale of The Ungrateful Dwarf (The Story of Snow White and Rose Red) By D. M. Larson


On another day, Snow White and Rose Red went to catch some fish for dinner. When they got closer to the river, they saw something jumping toward the water like it was going to dive in.

(They run to the end of the stage and see the dwarf in front of or in the audience fighting with a FISH)

What are you doing?

Do you really want to jump in the river?  It runs a bit too fast for a swim.

I’m not an idiot. That fish is trying to pull me in!  I was fishing and a strong wind blew through and my beard got tangled in the line. And now this foul fish is trying to drag me in.

Foul fish!  Really?  You smell far worse than me.

What?  I’ll catch you and fry you good.

It’s true. I could smell you coming. I thought you were a stink bug. Stink bugs are yummy. But all I got was you. Do dwarves ever bathe?

Well, there’s only one thing to do.

(ROSE and SNOW go down to the DWARF and cut his beard again. The FISH makes a rude sound and swims off. The DWARF stomps angrily on stage and ROSE AND SNOW follow).
What did you do?  You toad stool! You’ve disfigured me!  It was bad enough that you caught off the end. Now you’ve  cut off the best part of it! I can’t show my face around my kind until it grows back. May you fall in the river and drown!

(The dwarf took out a huge sack of pearls which lay in the grass and dragged it away behind a rock where he vanished)

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