Saturday, June 11, 2016

Snow White Rose Red Part 14 Dwarf vs Bear free fairy tale school play for kids

The Forgotten Grimm Brother Fairy Tale of The Ungrateful Dwarf (The Story of Snow White and Rose Red) By D. M. Larson


It wasn’t long after that their mother sent the girls to town to buy sewing supplies. The walked along a rocky road. They noticed a large bird circling in the sky above them.  It landed on a rock close by. Suddenly there was a scream and they saw the giant bird grab the unlucky dwarf and was going to carry him away.

(DWARF screams and VULTURE is pulling him across the stage)

I’ll teach you to steal eggs from my nest. I will fly you up as high and the cloud and drop you.

(The girls run to help and grab the dwarf. They have a tug of war with the VULTURE and eventually rescue the DWARF. He yells at them)

Couldn’t you help without being so rough? You ripped my coat and now it is torn and full of holes. You useless, clumsy creatures!

(During the struggle with the VULTURE the DWARF dropped a bag of jewels. The jewels sparkled in the evening sun so beautifully that the girls had to stop to look at them)

They’re so pretty.

What are you looking at?! Stay away from my treasure. Touch one bit and I will cut off your hand!

(DWARF pulls out a weapon and threatens them.  There is a huge bear growl from off stage and the DWARF drops his weapon and the girls back away. BEAR charges from the forest and DWARF falls down and the BEAR rises above him and growls angrily)

Mr. Bear!  Spare my life! I will give you all my treasures. My jewels for my life. Why would you want a scrawny little guy like me anyway? I’m just skin and bones. Wait! What about those two terrible girls! They are nice and fat. Please! Eat them instead!

(The DWARF crawls frantically off stage and the BEAR chases him.  DWARF screams and then silence)

What do we do?

I don’t know.

We should run.

We should hide.


Snow White! Rose Red! Don’t be afraid. Wait, please.


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