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Green Chile Rebellion of 1899 A Comedy of the Old West

The Green Chile Rebellion of 1899
A Comedy of the Old West
D. M. Larson
Copyright (c) 1996, 2003
All Rights Reserved*

Cast of Characters
(8 f, 10 m)
VENESA: [female] Young, educated woman who leads the fight for independence.
ELECTRA: [f] Mother of Venesa who is strong-willed and behind her daughter in the peaceful struggle.
SOPHIE: [f] Sour old worker at the farm who is often sarcastic and likes a good looking man.
REPORTER: (Rhonda Rhodes) [f] Big city reporter who finds a way to make the revolution work.
AL: [male] Father of Venesa who is a bit slow yet strives to be a strong leader.

GENERAL: [m] An old general that experienced the glory of battle a long, long time ago.
KANDID: (Clint Kandid) [m] Photographer from National Geographic who likes the ladies and loves his camera.
VAL: [f] Younger brother of Al and business manager for the farm who knows more about coffee than finances.
CLEM (Clementine): [f] Strange cousin of Venesa who works at the farm and loves to make up songs.
LOU: [f] Worker at the farm who brings in news from the outside world.
TAXER: [m] The man in black. Delivers tax notices and becomes the government representative in the conflict with the farm.
MEXICAN REP [m] Brings an odd relief package for the farm.
DOCTOR: [f] Medicine woman who ends up helping the wounded.
LIEUTENANT [m]: Unsure leader of the troops
CAPTAIN [m]: By the book, overseer of the operation
FRANK: [m] Loves a good joke
MOE: [m] Thinks he's too cool to be a soldier
JOE: [m] Along for the ride
More non-speaking soldiers can be included

Time and Place

The year is 1899. The setting is a small, isolated green chile farm in the New Mexico territory.


Comedy of the Old West Stage Play Script

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