Saturday, December 3, 2016

Outlaws of Candy Kitchen prologue melodrama comedy fun stage play script

by D. M. Larson

(JOHN is in grey hair and has a cane.  REPORTER approaches)

JOHN:  So you've caught me.   I thought for sure I was safe here in Candy Kitchen.   Lucky for you I'm an old man or you'd be dead where you stand.    (Has to be sit)   Can't even pull the trigger, my old hands crippled by arthritis.

REPORTER:  I'm not the law, Mr. Miller.  I'm a reporter.

JOHN:  A reporter?

REPORTER:  I've been searching for you everywhere.   I wanted to interview John Miller, the real Billy the Kid.

JOHN:  Billy the Kid?   So you've heard that I'm Billy the Kid.  Hate to disappoint you, but I'm not the Kid.   Everyone thinks that because I was in many of the same places and showed up with a bullet wound after his supposed death, but I ain't him.   (REPORTER looks disappointed and starts to go)    But I did know the Kid.  (REPORTER stops and returns)  You want me tell you about the Kid? (REPORTER nods)   Most people say The Kid died but she survived and I helped save her.   See, we set up old Pat Garret.  He thought he had the Kid but she worked up a plan to fool him.   Pat thought he had The Kid cornered in my lady's house but she hid The Kid and I took the bullet for her.

REPORTER:  Wait, you keep saying her.   Was Billy the Kid a woman?

JOHN:  That she was.   See, that's how she got the name The Kid.  Many woman became cowboys and even outlaws in the old west.   And when they dressed like men, they often appeared boy-like because they were clean shaven and didn't have rough skin.   Bonney's ma asked me to watch out for her when she died and I have done that.  Even through her toughest times... And one of those times was right here in Candy Kitchen.  

(MUSIC starts and Lights fade)

melodrama comedy fun stage play script

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