Tuesday, September 5, 2017

"Cut Off from the World" acting duologue for two actors


This scene is for 2 actors adapted from a monologue by the same name from the play "The Bullied, Bungled and Botched" ISBN-13: 978-1518661082

(MOIRA runs over to her sister, HARMONY, and shows her something on her laptop)

MOIRA: Look at what they're saying about me! 

HARMONY: Who is saying what about you?

MOIRA: It's all over TwitFace! Everyone at school is seeing it. 

HARMONY: I don't think everyone is seeing it.

MOIRA: You see how many likes it's getting! 

(MOIRA gives HARMONY her laptop)

HARMONY: Oh, dear. That's not good.

MOIRA: I hate TwitFace! It’s ruining my life! I can't go back to school tomorrow. I can't face everyone after what they said. 

(HARMONY is doing something on MOIRA's computer)

MOIRA (CONT.): What are you doing? 

HARMONY: I'm helping you.

MOIRA: Don't deactivate my account! 

HARMONY: Too late. I already did.

Give me back my laptop! 

(HARMONY won't give back the laptop)

HARMONY: I'm cutting you off. You need a break.

(HARMONY holds up laptop with one hand)

MOIRA: Stop, you're going to break it! 

(MOIRA grabs HARMONY's arm and the laptop falls and hits the ground)


(MOIRA goes to the laptop like it is a dead baby animal that she loves)

MOIRA: It broke. 

HARMONY: So sad.

(MOIRA angrily clutches the laptop to her chest)

MOIRA: You broke my laptop. 

HARMONY: It had to be done. You've got a problem. You need some time offline in the real world. It's making you crazy)

(MOIRA has a crazed look on her face)

MOIRA: Where's my phone? 

(HARMONY spots it and grabs it first)

HARMONY: No phones either.

(HARMONY takes out the battery)

MOIRA: Give me my phone! Don't take out the battery. 

HARMONY: I'll just keep this somewhere safe until you come back to reality for awhile.

MOIRA: What are you doing with the battery! Put my phone back together! You're breaking it! 
(HARMONY accidentally breaks the phone)


(MOIRA snatches the pieces of the phone away from HARMONY. She falls the floor dramatically. She sniffles)

MOIRA: I'm cut off from the world... 

(She cries and throws a tantrum. After a few minutes of an epic tantrum. HARMONY ignores her and reads a book or draws something. Then MOIRA gathers the pieces of her broken devices and cries quietly while holding them. Then after a long pause she suddenly looks a little relieved) 

MOIRA:  I'm cut off from the world. 

(Long pause - she looks around. She goes and sits by HARMONY. Then she leans on HARMONY and then they hug) 

HARMONY: You'll be okay. I'll get you through this. Sometimes it's good to take a break from the trolls and the bullies and live in this world again. That other world isn't a safe one for you anymore. I don't like seeing what it did to you. It makes you so sad, so that's why it had to stop. I'm here for you. What would you like to do?

MOIRA: Wanna play a board game or something? 

HARMONY: That would be fun. I think we still have the Game of Life. Or Risk. We used to play Risk all night sometimes.

(MOIRA pantomimes opening a curtain and the light hurts her eyes for a second. Then she looks out the window [which can be the audience])

MOIRA: Hey look, we still have that tire swing in the back yard. Remember how we used to spin each other until we got so dizzy we couldn't walk? I loved that feeling. I wish I could feel that way again… not just dizzy, but… I don’t know… carefree? Things get so much more complicated when you get older. 

HARMONY: Let's go give it a spin.

MOIRA: Okay!

(They exit)



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