Monday, September 4, 2017

"Don't Pity the Blind Girl" humorous love poem Losers in Love

"Don't Pity the Blind Girl"
from the play "Losers in Love" by D. M. Larson ISBN: 9781549653186

(MARIANNE reads something she wrote. She is legally blind so she can read from something on a special reading device or brail printout)

You say the stupidest things. Sometimes I cry and sometimes I get mad. Sometimes it makes me laugh. But no matter what you say, I always want to hear your voice; Because when you say something good, it’s so very good; When you say something funny, I always smile and feel happy again; And you’re the only guy who doesn’t feel sorry for me; You don’t pity the blind girl, I’m even sure that you know I can’t see; And that’s the nicest feeling, knowing that you don’t care that you see me for something else beside the blind girl. You see me as a woman and I love feeling like a woman with you. I love the way you sniff my hair when you get near...

(She gets worked up and turned on)

I love the way you breathe on me when we get too close... I love…

(She gets embarrassed and fans herself)

This gets kind of personal so I'll skip to the last part.

(She takes a deep breath and collects herself and gets herself to finish)

So I can forgive you every time you do something dumb, because all the things you do right are so very right and I feel more alive because of you.


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