Sunday, December 3, 2017

Violet Eyes longer monologue for female mythical fantasy

by D. M. Larson

The elders tell me he doesn’t exist, that he is a story, but warn me not to venture too far into these ancient ruins. How can some mythical tale hurt me?

I have to know what they’re hiding. I don’t trust the elders. They tell us scary stories to keep us under control, making us cower in ignorance, afraid to stray too far from our homes.

But I am their leader and I refuse to let the elder control me with fear. I must know what their lies are hiding from us in the crumbling structures of our ancestors, the once mighty empire that scraped the sky and let us reach for the clouds, now fallen into destruction. But we know nothing of what happened here, deceived by the rambling of old men.

A flash… movement… there is something here.  My body refuses to move. The hair on my neck stands on end. My eyes grow wide, trying to see what lurks before me.

Then a ghostly whisper drifts through the ruins before me, “Go… go before it is too late.” Then another flash. I see dark hair and flesh.

My heart pounds and echoes in my ears. I struggle to get my feet moving again and stumble into a hole in the ruins for protection. My breathing grows quick, making it difficult to keep myself quiet. I hear movement in the broken stones, coming closer. I move to look through a crack in my hiding place. Suddenly two eyes appear, violet eyes, soft as spring flowers. I’ve never seen such beautiful eyes.

“You must go. It’s not safe here,” he whispers, his eyes a mix of curiosity and worry. I rush to crawl from my hiding place and face this man, but when I emerge from my hole, he’s a blur beyond the fallen stones before me. I see enough to know he’s a large man, bigger than any of our people. From my brief glimpse, I believe he wore no garments on his shoulder and chest, but his legs seemed more hairy than clothed, and unusually large for a man. My eyes must be playing tricks on me in the strange shadows of the ruins.

I decide to follow him and ignore his warning. What did he have to fear from me, a tiny woman, with nothing but a small ornamental blade at my side?

A snort behind me disrupted my pursuit of the elusive man. Something watched me from the darkness. Another creature, even larger than Violet Eyes, but this one had eyes of red. The dark crimson eyes stared at me from the darkness of a passageway. The eyes oozed hatred and anger.

I wait to draw my blade, unwilling to provoke an attack, from the strange creature that lingered in the darkness. Did it fear the sun? I made sure I waited in the light, but the sun grew gold on the horizon.

I move away from this creature, and this intrigued it, perhaps sensing my fear and it steps into the light. I gasp when I see the strange monster with the giant head, huge horns and a strange snout. Only it’s legs seem human which now stepped closer. The thing’s hoof hands scraped against the stones, as if it sharpened the ends, like knives. It snorted again as it came closer, struggling to get it’s own huge mass through the rubble.

“Who are you?” I call out, but it only snorts in reply. I could see his horns in the light now, stained red with dried blood. It’s mouth began to foam. It’s long tongue lick at his jagged teeth. Then it lunges at me.

I scream and jump. His hoof snags my robes, but I pull away. I leap from stone to stone for higher ground, hoping the thing couldn’t climb. It snorts and stumbles after me.

It’s slowness makes it easy to evade. I could return to my village for help. But would this put my people in danger?

I pause, wondering if I should return home. I quickly find a ledge high above the ground, tucking myself from view. I hear the scraping of the hooves against the stone. It searches for me, slowly, sniffing like a dog.

“Back to your hole, monster!” yells a familiar voice. Violet Eyes!

I huge roar replies to this new threat.

“Stay in the darkness where you belong!”

I move to the edge of the ledge and peer out to see what is happen below. The sight of Violet Eyes makes me gasp. He is a huge man, but not all human. His bottom half was fur and he had a tail. He faced off the other halfling, his opposite. One ruled by reason, the other ruled by nature. Violet Eyes throw rocks at his monster half as it snorted and roared back.

The monster lunges for Violet Eyes and knocks him into a stone pillar, hooves slashing at his exposed chest.

I gasp and stumble back against a pillar that crumbles at my touch. The pebbles from the pillar hit the monster and his red eyes glare at me. Violet Eyes tosses another rock at the monster to keep its attention. But the monster slashed him in reply, drawing blood. I scream and push the loose pillar. The red eyes flashed back at me, but turned to shock as the pillar falls.

I quickly make my way down to Violet Eyes, who lay bleeding near the motionless monster I’d crushed. I rip a piece of cloth from my robe and kneel beside him. I cover his wound and he flinches in reply. His violet eyes open, but look distant.

“Thank you,” he whispers, then coughs, choking. The wound was deep. Blood soaks through the cloth and I grab my robe, pulling it across the injury. “You’ve released me... Released us both from this eternal prison.”

“But you’re dying,” I cry, the blood covering my hands, the blood won’t stop.

“Your people are safe again,” he gasps, struggling to breathe, but refusing to go, “Take the creature’s horn as a message to your elders. They will understand.” He reaches for a pouch tied around his waist and yanks it free. “And this… this is for you.” He drops the pouch into my hand.

I open the pouch and find a violet stone that sparkles even in the fading light. “It’s beautiful. What is…” but his eyes stare blankly at the sky and his chest is still. I cry and shake him but he is gone.

Taking the ceremonial knife from my side, I cut the horn off the monster, crying for the man who lay motionless nearby, a man I’d never known, yet shed so many tears for now, wishing I could heal him, wishing I have more time with him, even a moment more.

I stumble into the darkness of the forest, a knife in one hand, a horn in the other, the violet jewel about my neck resting near my heart.


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