Friday, May 25, 2018

THE CURSE OF DESTRUCTO Part 2 superhero stage play script

(PROTECTO approaches them)

PROTECTO: Hey, Dogboy. This your team?

CATCHICK: Aren’t you a little young to be at a party like this?

PROTECTO: There is no age limit to being a hero. There is no sign saying
you must be this tall to have justice.

SMASH: Come on, kid. Go home. It’s past your bedtime. We’ll get someone to walk you home.

(MEZMERO, a Darth Vader looking badguy, and some other villains enter)

PROTECTO: I can take care of myself. I’m a real hero. I save people. I don’t need help.

SMASH: That’s a bad attitude, kid. Even heroes need help sometimes.
That’s why we have a team. You shouldn’t go it alone.

MEZMERO: Don’t listen to them, child. They have an ignorant view of the world.
Keep looking out for number one.

(MEZMERO walks past them)

CATCHICK: Who invited the villains?

(DESTRUCTO goes up to them)


SMASH: What?

SHADE: Are you mad?

DESTRUCTO: Dogboy really wants to help me and I really believe someone here can help me.
The villains have been trying to recruit me too.  So I thought if you were all here tonight,
then that increases my chances of finding the right mentor to help me on my hero journey.

CATCHICK: But villains aren’t heroes.

DESTRUCTO: But aren’t they like the rest of you? They have something special about
them that makes them different. That makes them better than regular people.

SHADE: If you dance with the devil, then you’ll get burned.

DESTRUCTO: Are you saying the rest of you are angels?

CATCHICK: You argue like a villain.

(DESTRUCTO ignores her and walks away to greet villains)

DOGBOY: Look, if we are the better mentors, then he’ll take the path of good.

SHADE: We can’t leave this to chance. If he takes the path of evil, he could be a formidable enemy.

(More villains walk in as the JESTER and the PRINCESS OF HEARTS enter)

SMASH: How many villains did he invite?

CATCHICK: Not the Jester… AND the Princess of Hearts?

SMASH: Their jokes make me want to hit something.

JESTER: Knock knock.

PRINCESS: Who’s there?


PRINCESS: Life who?

JESTER: Life of the party!

(PRINCESS laughs and that makes JESTER laugh and they go off to mingle)

SHADE: This is going to be a long night.


SMASH: Wait a minute. What’s going on here?

PROTECTO: This is my team.

BLANKIE: I’m Blankie Boy!

(Snaps DOGBOY with blanket)


PROTECTO: He can snap it.

(BLANKIE snaps DOGBOY again)

DOGBOY: Stop that.

(BLANKIE goes behind DOGBOY)

PROTECTO: And do an over the head sneak attack.

(BLANKIE throws blanket over DOGBOY’s head)

DOGBOY: Who turned out the lights?

PROTECTO: And that brings us to Tantrum girl.

(PROTECTO takes her lollipop)

TANTRUM: Give that back.


PROTECTO: He took it.

TANTRUM: Give it back!

(TANTRUM attacks DOGBOY and he falls down)

PROTECTO: Look! I found your lolli!

(TANTRUM stops and gets her lollipop from PROTECTO and calms down)

SMASH: Quite a team you got there.

PROTECTO: See, we can hold our own. Point us to the pizza.

(SMASH points and they go. CATCHICK helps DOGBOY up)

CATCHICK: I take it you didn’t invite them to the party.


CATCHICK: I’m not sure if they’re heroes or villains.

DOGBOY: That seems to be the theme of the evening.

CATCHICK: I hope this doesn’t backfire on us.

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