Friday, May 25, 2018

THE CURSE OF DESTRUCTO Part 1 superhero stage play script

By D. M. Larson

NOTE: This scene can be used with other Freedrama superhero scripts as a Part 2 to
“Superhero Support Group” with “Super Dead Man” as Part 3.


DOGBOY: Dog-like hero (can be played by female as Doggirl)

SMASH: Super strong hero (can be played by male or female)

CATCHICK: Cat-like hero (can be play by male as Catman)

SHADE: A mysterious hero in a trench coat, hat and sunglasses or large cape that hides
his/her face. (can be played by male or female)

SPEEDO: Super fast hero (male or female)

DESTRUCTO: A new person with superpowers looking for a mentor to help him. (male)

PROTECTO: A young hero who leads a kid team of heroes and has the power of leadership.

MEZMERO: A dark menacing villain that looks a little bit like Darth Vader with his breathing mask
(can be male or female)

JESTER: A “Joker” type villain who loves to laugh and play jokes. (male)

PRINCESS OF HEARTS: Jester’s partner in crime who also loves to laugh and play jokes. (female)

BLANKIE BOY: A young boy hero that uses a blanket as a weapon (can be female as Sleepy Sal)

TANTRUM GIRL: A young girl hero who has super rage when her lollipop is taken away
(can be male as Tantrum Boy)

THE MAN: The first and greatest hero who is supposedly indestructible.

SIDEKICK: The Man’s devoted sidekick.


EXERCISER: A Jane Fonda like super villain who forces people to exercise.
(can be made male as a Richard Simons type character instead)

ENCYCLOPEDIAC: A young girl hero who has a super brain (can be male as well)

(People dressed as superheroes are at a party at DOGBOY’s house. SMASH,
CATCHICK and SHADE approach DOGBOY. DESTRUCTO is in the background talking
to other people like… SPEEDO, PROTECTO)

DOGBOY: I’m so happy you could make it.

SMASH: I wouldn’t miss it.

CATCHICK: The old team back together again.

SHADE: Who are all these people?

DOGBOY: Other heroes, like us.

SMASH: I didn’t know there were so many.

CATCHICK: Too many if you ask me.

DOGBOY: You all have to meet this new guy, InvisiBill. I thought he and Shade might
want to share some trade secrets. I don’t see him though.  Where did he go?

SHADE: I must observe. Something tells me there is more here than meets the eye.

DOGBOY: Shade… there doesn’t always have to be a problem to solve.

CATCHICK: Without problems, there wouldn’t be heroes.

SMASH: Good motto.

CATCHICK: Who did you get to serve? I’m thirsty.

DOGBOY: This is so cool. Ever hear of Speedo. Fastest hero alive.

SMASH: He’s for hire.

DOGBOY: Total mercenary.


DOGBOY: Watch this. Speedo?! Another round of drinks.

(SPEEDO enters and nods. Puts on his headphones and clicks play. Upbeat rock music plays.
Everyone freezes and he goes around giving drinks and food, but someone in the crowd,
Destructo drops a banana peel very slowly downstage and Speedo slips on it and crashes off stage.
Everyone unfreezes)

CATCHICK: Hisss…. He spilled on me.

DOGBOY: Oh man. What happened to him?!

(DOGBOY runs, trips on DESTRUCTO and crashes offstage with SPEEDO)

SMASH: You okay, Dogboy?

(DOGBOY stumbles in)


DESTRUCTO: I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to get in your way like that.

DOGBOY: Don’t worry about it.

DESTRUCTO: You look okay.

(DESTRUCTO spills his drink on DOGBOY)


DESTRUCTO: Ooops. My bad.

DOGBOY: Don’t worry about it. I’d offer you another drink, but something happened to the waiter.

DESTRUCTO: I hope I didn’t do that. I’m so clumsy. I better check on him.

(DESTRUCTO bumps into SHADE and spills his drink)

SHADE: Excuse me.

(DESTRUCTO turns to apologize and walks backwards into SPEEDO who has just returned
and SPEEDO falls off stage again)

DESTRUCTO: So sorry. Let me help you.


SPEEDO (off): No… I… ow!

SHADE: Ouch. Maybe we should help.

DOGBOY: Be careful. That is Destructo. He leaves destruction in his path.
I invited him hoping maybe we could help him and find a good mentor for him.

SPEEDO (off): Please… stop… don’t…. Ah!

DOGBOY: He has a good heart but his power gets the best of him.
He’s overwhelmed by the power. He needs help focusing that energy into something positive.

SHADE: A noble cause. Better to make him one of us...

SMASH: And not one of them baddies.

CATCHICK: What a bunch of copycats. They just had to make a group of villains, didn’t they?
Why can’t we just be a bunch of heroes helping everyone?

SHADE: It’s Yin and Yang… when there is too much good, then bad fights to restore the balance.

CATCHICK: Why can’t there just be a lot of good in this world?

DOGBOY: I agree. And that’s why I’m doing this. To keep the good going.

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