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Deskercise Infomercial Script - Humorous Funny Video Idea

Deskercise Infomercial Video

(The following script can be used as a humorous infomercial video)

Let’s Deskercise and work healthier.

(Business people appear in a mix of business type clothes and exercise clothes)

Feeling Stressed?

(One worker is at desk freaking out over a pile of paperwork)

Here are ideas to help you be more productive, happier & healthier.

(Other workers appear in business exercise attire to help)

Here are 4 things you can do that might help:

(They grab stressed work and pull her to her feet)

take moving breaks

(They make her drink a lot of water)

drink lots of water

(They take away her snacks. She tries to get back her snacks but they get rid of them)

monitor your eating habits

(They use her snacks as a way to stretch and move by dangling them away from her just out of reach)

add simple stretches throughout the day

(Stressed lady chases others around the office. They are having fun but she is not)

Time to get moving! When you get your regular break be sure to get up and move around.

(They splash her with more water)

Drinking lots of water helps you take more moving breaks.

(Stressed lady tries to hide and eat her junk food but they find her and take it again)

Eating smaller meals more often is better for you than a few large meals. Include healthy
options in these small meals.

(She chases them again)

Ways to keep moving. Take time to stretch and move at your desk. There are many deskercise
websites with excellent tips on how to stretch at your desk and help you feel more relaxed and r

(Exercise workers do silly stretches with office chairs. Stressed woman comes in at end
eating junk food and knocks them down)

Remember these 4 ways to be healthier at work: Moving Breaks, Lots of Water,
Eating Habits and Simple Stretches

(Repeat, sped up versions of earlier stuff)

What will you do for a healthier you?

(Exercise workers pose)

Set a new health goal for yourself. Here are some examples of what you can do:
Are you meeting with a small group, then have a walking meeting.

(Group walks around as they meet. One crashes into something because they are taking notes)

Walk at lunch

(They are walking and trying to eat)

Walk, bike or run to work

(One on a bike while stressed lady chases them)

Instead of calling someone in the office with a question, walk to talk in person, instead of call

(One worker pops up out of the paperwork on her desk and scares stressed lady)

Take the stairs and not the elevator

(Race on stairs to beat stressed lady in elevator)

Park farther away in the parking lot so you can walk more before and after work and at the store.

(They tease stressed lady by moving her car farther and farther away)

Include a 30 minute daily workout in your schedule.

(They try to drag stressed lady into a gym)

Invite Coworkers to join in team activities like basketball, bowling or some other sport.

(They play a basketball game with stressed lady who gets hit with a ball and knocked out)

Which new healthy choice will you do?

(The exercise workers pose and think. Stressed lady sprays them all with water)


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