Thursday, June 7, 2018

YOU SLAYED THE ANGEL OF MY INNOCENCE dramatic monologue for female actress

monologue for female

It’s so beautiful here. I love the beach.
The ocean sounds always soothe me.
I must have watched the sun go down a million times.
I love the way the sun dips on the horizon and sets
the ocean on fire. There’s something magical about
that moment. I feel like I’m catching a glimpse of heaven.

I used to believe in heaven before I met people like you.
I believed people were good and decent and just wanted
to help each other. You wanted to help too much.
And you wanted too much in return.

You slayed the angel of my innocence. Shut her out.
Made her ashamed of me and I lost her protection.

You gave me a kingdom and made me a queen.
They celebrated my name and we feasted on your victims.
We danced with the devil and delighted in his tunes,
fanatics for his fiddle.

But you grew tired of me and sought new victims for your fire.
I fell from my throne into the darkness. I so desperately want
to see the light again. I want to catch a glimpse of heaven.
I want my innocence. Give me my innocence!
Give me my soul!


from the published play
“Blondes Prefer Gentlemen”
ISBN-13: 978-1985331877

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