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THE CURSE OF DESTRUCTO Part 6 superhero stage play script

(CATCHICK and PROTECTO enter with a nerdy girl in pajamas and
glasses named ENCYCLOPEDIAC along with BLANKIE BOY and TANTRUM GIRL)

PROTECTO: We are here to save the day!

CATCHICK: Wow, he got you too, Excerciser?

EXERCISER: Whatever. So how is this little nerd going to help?

PROTECTO: She has the most incredible brain of any hero I have met.

CATCHICK: You wouldn’t believe who her mother is.


CATCHICK: Remember that doctor who ran that superhero support group we were in together?

SHADE: Egads! So her mother is an alien?

ENCYCLOPEDIAC: Indeed. I am the offspring of an extraterrestrial.

DOGBOY: But you’re a good guy?

ENCYCLOPEDIAC: My mother had seen the error of her ways and devoted herself
to helping others now. And I have sought to engage in similar pursuits by joining
Protecto’s gathering of young heroic youth.

SMASH: So what can she do?

ENCYCLOPEDIAC: I did a bit of research on Destructo on the way over.


ENCYCLOPEDIAC: With my brain. I have a photographic memory and I have
absorbed massive quantities of data, especially historical data.

CATCHICK: Of course.

ENCYCLOPEDIAC: Destructo’s real name is Jerry Johnson. He is the grandson
of Terry Johnson, one of three teenage boys who discovered an unknown cavern
in Sweden’s Lummelunda Cave while on a family trip to Europe. Legend says
that the Lummelunda Cave a secret chamber of the Norse gods.
Treasure hunters speculated that hidden in cave were many ancient Norse god artifacts.

SHADE: Assuming Norse gods were real.

ENCYCLOPEDIAC: No less real than people with superpowers.


ENCYCLOPEDIAC: One of these artifacts is called the amulet of Loki, a
powerful tool of the god of mischief. Treasure hunters never found this artifact,
but I believe Destructo’s grandfather did indeed find it. He took it back to his home
and locked it away in his attic for a young Jerry Johnson to find many years later.
Are you wearing an old family heirloom at the moment, Destructo?


(DESTRUCTO reaches in his shirt and reveals a necklace)

DOGBOY: Amazing.

PROTECTO: I know. Right?

CATCHICK: Well done, you two.

PROTECTO: Kid team rocks.

SMASH: Kid team saves the day.

ENCYCLOPEDIA: Remove the amulet and you will return to normal.

DESTRUCTO: I really miss my grandfather. This makes me feel closer to him.

ENCYCLOPEDIA: It’s the only way.

DESTRUCTO: But you’ll take this from me. You’ll take the last piece of my
grandfather from me. I can’t let that happen!


(BLANKIE BOY throws his blankie over DESTRUCTO’s head. PROTECTO takes
TANTRUM GIRL’s lollipop)

PROTECTO: See the pretty thing, Tantrum Girl?

TANTRUM: I want the shiny necklace. It will make me look like a princess.

(TANTRUM GIRL goes after amulet. PROTECO yells a silly yell and joins the fun
and the three kid heroes wrestle with DESTRUCTO and TANTRUM GIRL appears
with the amulet. PROTECTO trades it for a really nice looking giant lollipop)

PROTECTO: Trade you.

(TANTRUM GIRL snatches the lollipop and gives up amulet)

TANTRUM: You owe me a sparkly tierra.


TANTRUM: I want to be a princess.

PROTECTO: Yes, I promise.

ENCYCLOPEDIAC: Place the amulet in this box. You don’t want to touch it for long.

PROTECTO: It tingles.

ENCYCLOPEDIAC: In the box, Protecto.

PROTECTO: What? Oh, yes. Of course.

(CATCHICK helps him get it in the box and ENCYCLOPEDIAC closes it)

PROTECTO: That was a weird feeling.

DESTRUCTO: Like you have to wear it and nothing else matters. That thing is evil.
It tricked me by using my good memories of my grandfather against me.

ENCYCLOPEDIAC: I am assuming he didn’t resist at first. Remember the 3 Mile Island
nuclear power plant meltdown? That’s where his grandfather worked.

SMASH: Oh, man. He did that?

ENCYCLOPEDIAC: That is what I have deduced based on my data.

DOGBOY: Impressive.

PROTECTO: So, what do you think of my team now?


SMASH: Welcome to the club!

(PROTECTO and his team cheer. Hugs and handshakes and high fives follow.
DESTRUCTO starts to leave but DOGBOY sees and goes to him)

DOGBOY: Are you going to be okay?

DESTRUCTO: I guess so. Sorry about all the trouble I caused.

DOGBOY: Trouble? Looks at everyone. You brought us all together and now
we’re an even bigger group of heroes than ever before.

DESTRUCTO: Thank you for not being mad at me.

DOGBOY: You’re a good person. That’s why the amulet didn’t get complete
control over you. You should be proud of yourself for resisting the evil and the
temptations to do bad. It says a lot that you even considering a path of good
despite the evil inside the amulet.

DESTRUCTO: Thanks. I appreciate that.

DOGBOY: Please stay. No one here is mad at you. Maybe we can still find a way for you to be a hero.


DOGBOY: Of course.

DESTRUCTO: I’d like that.

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