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"Teen Angel" one act stage play script free for teen actors- scenes for 2 or 3 actors - duologues

TEEN ANGEL by D. M. Larson
  • ISBN-13: 978-1511481557

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"Teen Angel" part 1 published play for teenagers "Wingless Souls" scene for 2 female actors

"Teen Angel" Part 2 free one act play "The Wrong People" (multiple characters)

"Teen Angel" Part 3 play for 2 female teen actors scene "The Right Kind of People"

"Teen Angel" Part 4 play for the stage scene for 2 teen actors "Goodbye Girlfriend" - 1 male 1 female

"Teen Angel" Part 5 one act play scene "Welcome to Adulthood" - multiple characters

"Teen Angel" Part 6 stage play script scene for teen actors "Heaven Needs More Angels" - 3 actors (2 female, 1 male)

"Teen Angel" part 7 one act stage play script scene "Happy Again" for 2 female actors

"Teen Angel" Part 8 free one act stage play script for teen actors "Closing Up Alone" - multiple characters

"Teen Angel" Part 9 free stage play script for actors "Love Someone Else" scene for 2 actors (1 male 1 female)

"Teen Angel" part 10 one act stage play script for teenagners "Get His Attention" scene for 2 female actors

"Teen Angel" part 11 scene for 2 teen actors "Guilt is a Form of Memory" (1 male 1 female)

"Teen Angel" Part 12 scene for 3 teen actors "Cry Baby" from published play (2 female 1 male)

"Teen Angel" Part 13 scene for 2 actors from published play "Lost Souls"

"Teen Angel" Part 14 "Earning Your Wings" free theatre scripts for school scene for 3 actors (2 female 1 male)

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